Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Events for the Artist in You

Fort Point Winter Public Art Series

On the longest night of the year, The Fort Point Arts Community debut its first ever winter public art series. Four public art pieces utilizing light will be on display during winters' darkest nights, now through-February 20.
 "ICE BOX" is a glittering fantasy of crystal sculptures rotating in mirrored space. Sparkling with shifting sequences of colored light, the piece is located at 12 Farnsworth Street, next to Made In Fort Point.
"WINTER HUE", an installation composed of 36 LED light modules illuminating a series of windows at the corner edge of 368 Congress Street. The installation creates an immersive experience of color and light that transforms the building into an aesthetic experience in celebration of the winter solstice.

"STARRY NIGHT", using 4800 blue LED lights, creates the illusion of being under a starry sky. One aspect of city life is the rarity of a starlit sky and this project will evoke memories of crisp, cold air and midnight black skies, punctuated by brilliant blue-white stars. It will also serve to transform a dingy area that is frequently traversed by pedestrians into an enchanting public space. The project is located on A Street under Summer Street.
"CHASING POLLACK'S GHOST" is located at Summer Street.
For more information visit Fort Point Arts

The Distillery Gallery, 516 East 2nd Street, will present a new exhibit beginning on January 21st through March 4th. Gallery hours are 9AM to 5PM, Monday thru Saturday.
“TRANSPOSITIONS” will feature works examining themes of location and dislocation, time, memory, and transformation, in response to the site and context of the Distillery Gallery and the Distillery Building. Artists Derek Hoffend, Asher Thal-Nir, and Jed Speare will be showing works employing sound, video, and electronic media. Works initiated by each artist will complement each other and, to varying degrees, blend together in-situ to form a larger unified atmosphere. Visit The Distillery for more information.

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