Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"SoBo" Is South Boston the NEW South End??

I rather like the name "SoBo" it reminds me of "SoHo". If you think about it they are quite similar. Right? SoHo is known for its artists' lofts and art galleries. It is also known for it's trendy boutiques and national and international chain stores. We are not talking about New York but I thought it was fun to compare for a moment. OK, let's get back on track and talk about South Boston and all it has to offer.

Let's explore. Let's begin with the shopping. On East Broadway, there is Habit and Ku De Ta and Karen's Boutique offering high end fashions for women and men (Habit), down on South Boston's Waterfront which is better known as Seaport or to some as the Innovation District (we will explore this more later in another article), there is LouisBoston. Louis (Loooeeez) is internationally recognized as one of the finest clothing stores in the world and it chose to relocate to South Boston's waterfront after being on the corner of Berkeley and  Newbury Street for over 20 years. It has always been in the Back Bay since the late 1800's, so talk about a BOLD move!! If you ask me they paved the way for others.

Let's talk art...where do I begin? Let's start with Fort Point Channel. First, a little history for the non Bostonians that may have stumbled on here accidentally. Fort Point Channel, is actually a maritime channel that separates South Boston from Downtown Boston. Let's fast forward to 1980, when FPAC, Fort Point Artist Community was formed. How brilliant was this idea? This is a non-profit organization run by neighborhood artists and volunteers. Their mission is to promote the work of the artists as well as keep affordable studio space and build community. Well, they have certainly accomplished this and so much more! If you have not been then you really should check out their open studios being held the 2nd weekend in October. Other notable places of art are at the Distillery on East 2nd Street in the heart of South Boston. And let's not forget the galleries of Norman Crump and last but certainly not least is South Boston's own Dan McCole. If you are looking to spend the day at a museum, then look no further than the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) on Northern Avenue in the Seaport District.

Food...for all you Foodie's and no pun attended...the wait is finally over!! Foodie's Market will be here in Spring of 2012!!!Yahoo! Also, have you heard the latest and greatest addition the restaurant scene in South Boston??? The Paramount will be opening it's doors soon in the former Fish Pier restaurant space on East Broadway. Let's hope the Paramount will be there for as long if not longer than the Fish Pier! The Paramount joins a fleet of other new restaurants that have recently opened their doors in South Boston that include: Wolfie's (corner of L and E 4th), Local149 (149 P Street, corner of E6th &P), as well as the new additions in Seaport at Liberty Wharf. Liberty Wharf is amazing offering the best of restaurants and office space. It offers everything from sports bars, Mexican food, steak and "lobstah". If you have not been then you really should check it out!

Oy Vey! We haven't even had a chance to talk about entertainment or the Innovation District! That will have to be for another time. Originally, I started out saying that South Boston may be the New South End but in fact it may be the New Boston! South Boston encompasses all the great things Boston has to offer and best of all it has lots of green space and is surrounded by water. Who doesn't like to be on the water?? I think it is time to give South Boston another look after all didn't LouisBoston just trade in their weathered brick fortress for the newer, hipper model?

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