Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 Basic Tips on Preparing Your Home For Sale

Do you know how many times I have been asked how do I prepare my home for sale? Well, let me count the times! Too many to list! The hardest part is when people just don't take your advise. They ask it but in the end they really didn't want it. Now, this is not the case for all home sellers but for many it is their truth.

1. So first thing first. Divorce yourself from your home. This is the most straightforward way I can think of telling prospective sellers on how to prepare their home for sale. You really need to separate yourself from your home and not see yourself in there in order to have a successful sale.

2. Next, you need to take the emotions out of selling your home and think of this as a business transaction. This is easier said than done but again it is a must. Mind over matter is the best way to handle the selling of your home.

3. OK, so let's now get into the physical aspect of preparing your home for sale. By this point (at least hopefully) your emotions should be at bay! First, declutter, declutter, declutter! Do you think that when the prospective home buyer opens your hall closet and gets whacked with a golf club that it is not a problem? Let me tell is! If a buyer sees or has the perception that you don't have room for all your stuff then how will they!! Getting your house in "show condition" is a top priority and not always easy and can be a full time job in itself if you are not on top of it daily. Too many times I see home sellers let things slide if they don't have daily appointments. For example, sellers will forget to take out the trash or make their beds before leaving for the day! So, how do you rid yourself of things you don't need? First, take one room at a time so you are not overwhelmed and then keep breaking it down from there. The less overwhelmed you are the better! If there is a closet in that room, then maybe you begin there...and the process BEGINS! Another helpful tip is to organize your "stuff". You should have a keep pile, storage pile, charity pile and a plain ol' junk pile that goes to Mr. Trash! Next, donate to your favorite charity. Many charities will pick up items from you which will save you time!

4. OK, now that you have "decluttered" your home...and maybe for some it may be the first time they have seen their space in awhile. Now, it is time to do a thorough cleaning and I mean thorough. You should not have one crumb or piece or dust anywhere!! It is show time!! This can be a daunting task at best and some may want to invest in having a reliable and respected cleaning person come and do this for you. You will then need to maintain during the duration of the sale of your home.

5. Now that your home is clean and squeaky...let's talk about the scent of your home! Many times I will walk in and the homeowner will be thrilled with their award winning French onion soup that they have cooking away in their crock pot! Now don't get me wrong...I happen to love French onion soup but for some this may be a turnoff! I think a fresh clean scent or the smell of home baked goods is always nice but keep it simple!

6. Now to staging, you want every room to have a purpose. So you know that multipurpose room that many of us have? You know the one, it is the guest room, home office and craft room all conveniently located in one place. Well, it is time to figure out it's purpose. Do you have a 4 bedroom home and the 4th bedroom is your multipurpose room? If this is the case then you want to highlight that you have 4 bedrooms. You guessed it! Your multipurpose room is now a bedroom. So, put your crafts away (neatly) and figure out where to put that computer! Hopefully, it is a tablet or laptop so it will be easier to store!

I will post some more tips again but this should get you off to a good start!

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Paul Santucci said...

Great work as always Karen. Divorcing yourself from the home - couldn't think of a better way to put it!
Don't forget about the exterior, since that's the first impression. Even if it's a condo, exchange those piles of shoes at the front door for a plant / change lightbulbs in the hallway if needed!

Karen's Real Estate Corner said...

Thanks, Paul! Yes,common areas in a condo are very important!! More important than ever to be neat and orderly! Thanks for pointing it out!

New Condo Launch Singapore said...

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