Friday, March 2, 2012

What is Curb Appeal and Where Does it Begin?

Curb appeal means just that curb appeal. It is very simple. Many people think that curb appeal is the front entrance. The front entrance is part of the appeal but it starts at the curb and to be honest it starts before the curb. What do I mean by this? As a seller you need to capture the buyer as soon as they enter the hood. While there is not much that we can do about our neighbors, there is plenty we can do about our own curb appeal.There are many very inexpensive options so that you do not have to pay a bundle on this.

1. Plant seasonal flowers such as mums in the Fall; tulips in the Spring. Mums are great because they add a lot of color, low maintenance and economical. Consider adding flower boxes to your windows.

2. Mow and water your lawn and don't forget to weed your flower beds. If you can't afford mulch then you must weed and stay on top of this.

3. Have a crack in your driveway? Consider having your driveway resealed. Always looks nice and it won't break the bank.

4. Is your door faded? If so and it is not too cold then paint it. Are your front door and windows dirty? If so, wash them.

5.Have your light fixtures and house numbers seen better days? Instead of going out and buying new ones...why not spray paint them? There are lots of great paint colors and textures that can really modernize your home. The cost to you? Mostly your time and a few dollars for the paint.

These are all really easy and simple fixes. If there are other properties on the market in your price range and they offer basically the same amenities, then you need to do something to stand out. So, fix anything that is rotten away such as your window sills. If it is between your home and another home, I can guarantee you that 9 out of 10 buyers will chose the home that appears to be in better condition and location is comparable. In today's market, you need to stand out more than ever! This is a fact. You need to appeal to the buyers emotions they need to be able to see themselves here and not you! I would love to hear any ideas that you may have for your curb appeal. Good luck!

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