Saturday, September 22, 2012

15 Tips to Get Your Home Organized for Fall

Ahh...the sweet scent of Fall is in the air and crisp mornings greet us followed by comfortable days. The colors of Fall surround us with bright orange pumpkins and glossy red apples! I do love Fall but with it also comes time to put the Summer flip flops away! I am not sure I am ready but I must get organized as to what promises to be a very busy Fall!

My Fall Checklist:

1.  Store and cover patio furniture (I think we still have time on this one but your get the gist)
2.  Touch up paint on trim, doors, railings and decks
3.  Check your doors including garage doors for weather stripping
4.  Clean out your gutters
5.  Have your chimney and flues inspected and cleaned if necessary
6.  Wash windows inside and out
7.  Drain and shut off exterior hoses, insulate exterior spigots
8.  Change batteries in your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
9.  Vacuum curtains and draperies
10. Clean and wipe down your kitchen cabinets, declutter and reorganize
11. Have carpets professionally cleaned; have floors rebuffed if needed.
12. Declutter and reorganize your closet
13. Replace furnace filter (this should be done every 3 months)
14. Clean ceiling light fixtures
15. Dust or wipe down your walls

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