Thursday, November 15, 2012

Should I sell My Home During the Holidays??

During this time of year, I meet with many home owners who are considering to sell their home. The first thing most say is that they do not want to sell their home now because they hear that over the winter that people are looking for bargains. Well this is true and in most markets this may very well be the case and you may want to wait. However, if you live in the city where in many areas there is less than 1 months supply then yes right now is a good time to sell.
In fact, I am encouraging my city dwellers to do just that...sell now!!! Inventories have never been this low and interest rates have never been this low!! So, why wait for more competition?? I am also advising that they keep their decorations to a minimum as well. People do not like clutter and they want to be able to imagine themselves in your home. You also want to have mass appeal. Buyers that are out looking now are serious buyers. Also, in the city of Boston, it is better for a home buyer to be in a home prior to January 1. Many buyers may not know this, since 1983, the city of Boston, has been offering a residential exemption to homeowners that occupy their property as their principal residence. So, this is a huge incentive for buyers to purchase now. After January 1, we also start seeing inventories creep up so with less competition on the market, it usually means a higher price for you. So, even though it may be a short term inconvenience now, it will definitely be worth the long term gain!

Karen Powers, Real Estate Broker

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