Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big City Living for Less than $800/month Rent in NYC, Where Do I Sign

Recently, in Boston there has been much talk about micro-housing units and how they will change the Boston real estate market.
In NYC, for less than $800/month you can rent 90 sq ft palace complete with bed and bathroom? Really...90 sq ft. It really is amazing how efficiently one can live if they want all the excitement in the city. In Boston, for the same money or less, you can rent a room or a term I hear often "share apartment" in a home where you share common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and living space.

Could you live in 90 sq ft complete with a sitting area, office and bedroom? In Boston's Fort Point area, at Factory 63, loft style apartments start at $1699/month. Factory 63 also offers live/work spaces as well that have shared amenities such as conference rooms and online networking to name a couple. It is a very neat concept and an affordable way to enjoy all the city has to offer. Did I mention that they are much larger than 90 sq ft?

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