Monday, May 6, 2013

What You Can Buy For the Median Home Price In Massachusetts

It holds true in Massachusetts that the three most important factors in determining a home's value are "location, location and location."
Prices in the Bay State swing wildly — by as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars — for basically the same homes located in neighboring towns. To be sure, a homebuyer's power varies by the ZIP code.
With that in mind, the Boston Business Journal's research team has set out to see what you can buy for the Massachusetts median, that is, the value level at which half of all homes are priced above and half of all homes are priced below. As of February — the latest data period available — the state's median home price was $282,500, according to the Massachusetts Realtor Association.


Alex Stephen said...

I will be reading more from you as soon as you post it. I love your blog. Thanks for it. I never can figure out how you all do these blogs so in depth I get lost in the first few sentences.
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KarenPowers said...

Thanks for reading Alex! I am glad you find it informative!