Friday, October 4, 2013

Six Things to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

It is hard to believe that it is October already! September flew by just like it always does. For me, September is always so hectic. You are just starting to get into the groove of back to school and dealing with the fact that Summer is over! We have a had a great start to the Fall with such nice weather...I am afraid these will be a distance memory by the time February rolls around!
So, as September is busy with back to school, October seems to busy with getting the home ready for the holidays with the first just around the corner...Halloween! Halloween has become such a huge holiday!!
So, after you get through all the fun stuff...buying gourds, decorating your front door and playing in the can start checking off your to do list:

1. Clean gutters. Once all the leaves have fallen is a perfect time to do this.
2. Clean out door patio furniture, cover or store in a shed or garage.
3. Remove screens from windows once the weather starts to get too cool and wash your windows.
4. Winterize your in ground sprinkler system, turn off outdoor faucets. Freezing temperatures can damage and cause pipes too burst so do it now before too cold.
5. Organize closets. Put away those Summer duds and pull out your sweaters...the temperature will change fast and when you least expect it!
6. Smoke/Carbon Dioxide Detector check. It is always good practice to check these and change the batteries out every 6 months.

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