Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Tip

Valentine's Day Tips

So you're about to enjoy your favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day ... until that candle gets knocked over and wax goes all over the carpet.   Believe it or not this is a common problem we face every year in February.   Here are a few steps to remove the wax from your carpet or area rugs.
1.  First take a spatula or a knife to remove the excess wax by scraping it off gently making sure not to cut or abrade the carpet. 
2.   Get an iron and set it in on the lowest setting.  Cover the wax with a piece of plain paper, either brown paper bag or white with no lines or ink.
3.   Using the iron go slowly back and forth and you will notice the wax melting into the paper.  Make sure you are checking the carpeting to make sure it is tolerating the low heat.
4.  Move the paper so that the wax can melt into a new area with each pass.  Do this for as long as you are removing wax.
5.  Once you are not seeing any wax transferring then you can blot the spot with mineral spirits.  Never pour product on your carpeting.   This should remove any remaining wax.  It is important that you do not set the iron too high as some carpet fibers will melt.

Who knew that this was such a common problem. This tip is passed along from The Clean Team.

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