Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sellers: Pricing Strategies to Sell Your Home

Looking to sell your home?? The biggest discussion with most home sellers is how to price the home. Mayny sellers want to add in room to "negotiate". Some sellers are too emotionally tied to the home, which makes sense because the "house" has been made into their "home". I get it. You need to distance yourself emotionally from your home when selling it if you want to get the most for your home.
Right now is an interesting time in real estate. In Boston, for example, the condo market is on fire with many going for well over asking price.  There is little to no inventory so it's your classic case of supply and demand. If your home is not selling quickly in the Boston market then you need to know the why? Is it the price? Location, etc.? Or does your home need more than cosmetic updates and now your price is cost prohibitive? These are all factors you need to consider.
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